"There is no problem
that comes to us without
a gift in its hands."
- Richard Bach





Integrity * Creativity * Commitment * Heart...

Welcome to my website. Thank you for visiting. Most likely, you are here because you want or need something. With more than twelve years' experience working in a wide variety of settings - including education, non-profits, community policing, human services and business - perhaps I can be of service. Let's have a conversation and find out.

There is a quote by the writer Richard Bach that has served as a guiding principle in my life, both personally and professionally, for more than twelve years: "There is no problem that comes to us without a gift in its hands."

Let me help you find that gift hidden in your organization's thorniest problems, be it public relations, project design, implementation and/or management. There is a solution for every problem.

Together, we will identify your target audiences and the best strategies for you to communicate your messages, better serve your clients, create meaningful dialogue with your internal and external stakeholders, build and strengthen relationships within your communities, and set realistic objectives in order to meet your goals.

I look forward to working with you.

...and results.